BT4Europe - Booster l'impact économique des voyages d'affaires

BT4Europe, the European Network of Business Travel Associations, invites you to

Online Launch of BT4Europe’s Position Paper on Boosting the Economic Impact of Business Travel

Tuesday 14 March 11:00 CEST, with opportunities for questions

Business travel in Europe makes a hugely positive contribution to the European economy, and although the COVID pandemic was a significant set back, the sector is recovering fast. BT4Europe believes the sector’s economic impact can be further boosted by streamlining the regulatory framework. 

The Position Paper, developed by BT4Europe’s Economic Impact Working Group, outlines how the sectors’ economic impact could be boosted, and urges EU regulators to streamline the regulatory framework to encourage sustainable and resilient growth of the sector and accommodate and facilitate future trends.

The recommendations will be unveiled, and we’ll be inviting the entire travel sector to support these recommendations and the European Union to take action to implement them.

The launch will feature an introduction from BT4Europe Chair, Patrick Diemer, and a presentation by Odete Pimenta da Silva, Chair of BT4Europe’s Economic Impact Working Group. It will be moderated by former MEP, Mark Watts.

Patrick Diemer and Odete Pimenta da Silva are available for interview.
Please contact to arrange.

To register for a free copy of the position paper please contact

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